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Norisring Official Circuit Final Edition

by [GTA4RMT]


Category:Map Mods

Added:2015-01-01 09:13:37 -0800

Historic Rating:9/10

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Download Link:1420132417_norisring_circuit_gta4_rmt.rar

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GTA4RMT IS Bigger now!Our team's new member is a new mapmaker which helped us a lot with the remake of Norisring All textures turn to HQ/HD Map hill remade pit stops enter is open now all the oil is cleaned from the roads Lights are working perfectly All the bugs disappeared and we managed to get it better and better till we manage to get the best result for you! VISIT our web site ,or our fb page for more action! Members who worked in this: Gch - Mapmake Extrememodder-Convert and make it working 21Ruby-Remake -Retexture-Add Hill Aveeux-Pics and test Seba Stiano-Pics and test Rugz007-support Georgg1996-support MichealJP-support