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Niko Bellic Portable V.2

by Vickybrouwer

A GTA San Andreas Mod

Category:Player Mods

Added:2011-02-17 23:15:37 -0800


Historic Rating:8/10

Historic Downloads:17,736

File Size:5.35 MB

Download Link:1299385033_niko_bellic_portablev2.rar

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Niko Bellic Portable V.2! --------------------------- Special: -Shaking Mouth! -Speak In Cutscenes! -ETC! --------------------------- Add++ -Niko Balaclava Fixed -Niko Cap Fixed -Niko Hat Fixed -Niko Mask Fixed -Niko Glasses Fixed -Niko neck Fixed -6 Niko Clothes Models -3 Niko Track Pants -Real Anim Gta IV BONUS++ -HD Clothes Niko Bellic From GTAdedan How To find Clothes: -Niko Default Jacket And 3 Colors be shirtbblue, shirtbcheckr, shirtbgang (Find in Clothes Shop) -Niko Cream Jacker And 3 colors be shirtablue, shirtagrey, shirtayellow (Find in Clothes Shop) -Niko HD Jacket From GTAdedan be shirtbplaid (Find in Clothes Shop) Instalation: -Open Your gta3.img with img tool -Replace player.dff -Replace Anim Folder -Open Your player.img with img tool -Replace With My File (player.img) TO BE PERFECT MOD Please Download -ENB without Press Shift+F12 Niko Bellic Portable Final Version...............Coming soon! WWW.THEGTAMODDINGWAY.BLOGSPOT.COM Vicky Brouwer