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by Anson_So_HK & HippieCommunist


Category:Script Mods

Added:2014-07-07 03:56:06 -0700

Replaces:ZombieZ cs file

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Download Link:1404730566_zombie_z_no_dropping_cars_no_smoke_cars_ped_density_normal.cs

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----Something to Say---- I don't own this mod. The original author is HippieCommunist, so I will not get any credits. So eh hello everyone, I am new here. This is my first mod ( well not fully "my" mod.... ) . Here is the modified version of HippieCommunist's ZombieZ mod. I believe that most of you feeling not good because of the falling transports from the sky, and all cars cannot be drived, isn't it? I have make the following changes so that its more enjoyable now. Remember that press F9 to activate script ! ----Changes---- = No more falling cars XD = normal ( any ) spawned cars will not smoke = Zombies will die if they fell off to water. That makes the virus not able to spread so quick. = Zombies now DROP MONEY ! You can buy ammo after a hunt because gun shop bosses are not affected :3 = Lowered abit health of zombies... ( 780 each ) = Directly disable zombies not able to use ladders. ( I think the original one has disabled this but i don't see a command related to that, so i added one.) = maybe some i forgot :/ I have changed the file name. It will not replace the original ZombieZ you got. Be alerted. Yeah thats all. Hope you guys appeciate it and give me a like :3