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New Vice City 2008

by nvcification

A GTA Vice City Mod

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-All features are also described in the game you will know which keys have to be pressed -Cars need fuel to drive,(if not on a mission) there are 4 gas stations, check the map, your vehicle must stop in the marker, There is a gas station in the airport for helis, one iat the docks for boats (look for an info pickup)and 2 for cars in the city -You can make your car bulletproof for 50000 $ in the sunshine cars paynspray garage(wildcar on the map) if not on a mission. Attention: this service wont be available if the technician in the garage dies, in that case come back later. Attention: the tires lose their indestructibility after saving -Taxicall: Tommy calls a taxi with his cell phone wherever he is. (not in interiors) You can choose between a taxi and the p. stretch service with 2 hot chicks. You can also choose now between 4 destinations and skip the ride if you want, Stand still (in the street) press the aim key and look behind on foot combined at the same time. See Taxicall --Little John the biker comes now by ANGELto everywhere, (not in interiors) Tommy calls him with his cell phone, he becomes your shooting friend. You need 20 000 $ and not on a mission. Press on foot (in the street) the aim key and jump combined at the same time to call him. Press the action key on foot to set him free. Now you can also tell him to kill everyone on the street. Press the jump key to activate bad john and the camera key to deactivate bad john and turn him back. (the Downtown problem has been fixed) -Bustravel. Follow the bus icons in the map 3 Stations (express bus). Check Bus travel for station infos. New Bustravel system -Tommy needs food to survive and he can also call the Pizzaboy to the Villa, or to the ocean hotel, he brings you the PIZZA anytime you need, just stand in the marker. Not on a mission, on a mission you wont need food anyway. -If Tommy is busted he begins in the cell but this time he is overseen by cops and they try to kill you if you want to escape, and also other prisoners there now. Now the best feature ever in a game you can call your lawyer to come and deposit the bail and get you out. (you need 20 000 $) hold the action key -After final mission you have completed 100% and the original bodyguards are in the Villa, -You can enter the hotel beside of malibu (go to the door there is an elevator-to go back in the street use the other door) -Star-camera: To activate the star-camera press and hold the aim and crouch key on foot at the same time or in a car the horn and handbrake keys at the same time and to deactivate press the camera-key. Starcam follows the player now (not in interiors) -After mission SIR YA SIR you can always buy an indestructible hunter for 45 000 $ in Villa (with us flag in Starfish Island) icon hunter action on the map (if not on a mission) -Tommy can drink in Bar of the ocean hotel or after the biker missions in the biker bar, look for the package. And also added people in the bikers bar who are always good for a brawl and also you can get food in there, where the chromegun is. -Almost all abilities are activated from begin (and after rub out you get 200 health+200 armour) no hidden packages, things will be delivered after missions -A paradise of guns in the army station just next to the entrance of the base -From begin on you will never be wanted if you wear police uniform(a better no wanted feature) but if not on a mission, cop outfit in front of the police station, attention: all features like vipbang or bikerbang are missions, so you will be wanted no matter what uniform you wear -Any time you enter the police station as a cop, you get a deputy and the city is full of criminal peds, you can play sheriff, to finish hold the action key on foot -You will never be wanted if you play the vigilante missions no matter what clothes you have -After final vercetti gang will have hardcore weappons -If you save in Hymond house in Downtown the time is set to 8 pm for the hotring races -Hilary doesnt die in the bank mission he kills the swats and is always in Malibu dancing with Village people, Mercedes is always in Pole position dancing -Bikerbang in Starfish not on a mission, Tommy drives with 5 bikers to the army base for a little war, the bikers cant be killed by other actors, to finish bikerbang press crouch key on foot or horn in a car, if the bikerbang marker doesnt appear look out for a parked ANGEL, stand in the marker you will need 100 000 $. And to skip the ride just hold the gas key. -vipbang in penthouse behind Malibu after final, 5 VIPs follow you, they cant be killed by other actors, to finish VIPbang press crouch key on foot or horn in a car, also behind Malibu a parked Coach avaliable. -After bridges are open you find the special swat in Downtown that will shoot in the loadingspace of the barracks, follow the icon in the map and stand in the marker, you need 30 000 $ and start Vigilante missions by pressing sub-mission key, he will clean up the crime, and to finish driveNshoot leave the car. the car is bulletproof and very heavy -Vipbang 2 Cortez, Lance (doesnt look very well) and Ken in Washington Beach, now Cortez also talks, after final follow the cortez icon, to finish VIPbang press crouch key on foot or horn in a car. Press jump if new Lance is not in your range and Tommy calls for cover -After mission Supply and demand all street races available in the sunshine cars or just by making a phone call. Stand still (in the street) and and hold the aim with sprint key combined at the same time. To cancel press the enter vehicle key and to choose a race press the sprint key -Tommy can (more realistic siting down) sit down by pressing and holding the aim and action key at the same time, to stand up press sprint or jump or shoot or enter vehicle key (he wont stand up before you tell him to) -Walton asskick with ken, he drives you through the city and you can shoot everything, look for the lawyer icon in the map and stand in the marker, you need 50 000 $, press the action key for normal mode, aim key for turret mode and the sprint key anytime to finish. In normal mode if you fall out of the car you will be set into turret mode automatically. (after the bridges are open and not on a mission) -Tommy talks in action times by pressing some keys not in a mission -You can always enter the bank in Havana. Also you can reach the tresor by the lift, a lot of money there but its overseen by the army (not on a mission) -Another funny way to assault the bank (if you have no wanted level) you must get rid of cops to keep the money, if you are killed or busted the cops collect back the money(if not on a mission) -Some changed missions and added bodies who support you in the mission -Pole position club available and enterable after Lance introduces it -New phonecalls and things that had been cut out of the game -Hotring race cars are available on streets and also in some street races, Seaspar in the villa and sunshine cars also available -Final after 6 Properties completed and after all missions are done -The problem with markers has been solved, now all missions have markers in the city -Weappons are delivered to the safehouses after each mission -and some more