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New Skins For Cutscene (Indonesian Style)

by Tegar.a.n

A GTA San Andreas Mod

Category:Player Mods

Added:2016-03-01 02:39:55 -0800

Replaces:skins in cutscene

Historic Rating:5/10

Historic Downloads:1,145

File Size:1.22 MB

Download Link:1456828795_new_skins_for_cutscene_indonesian_style.rar


this is my mod that will turn some of character skins in cutscene into Indonesian style skin, for example some character will wear batik shirt and Tenpenny, Pulaski, and Hernandez will wear Indonesian police uniform skins already edited: -sweet -ryder -big smoke -cesar -the truth -kendl -zero -og loc -emmet -maccer -paul -ken rosenberg -big bear -jethro -dwayne -woozie -b dup -catalina -madd dogg -jizzy -t bone -janitor -fam 4 -fam 5 -tenpenny -pulaski -hernandez