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New N.B v3.0

by Dr.Shock


Category:Player Mods

Added:2010-03-31 23:22:17 -0700

Replaces:Niko Bellic

Historic Rating:8/10

Historic Downloads:1,758

File Size:1.52 MB

Download Link:newn.bv3.rar


A player skin with options I have made there is 4 different variations of this skin only 2 in the preview screenshot but there is previews in the archive they turned out great even with my failing gpu.Sadly this will be my last skin until I get a new gpu I hope I can get one soon but times are tough and money is tight I hope you all enjoy this skin and I will be back making skins as soon as I have a new gpu thanks for downloading :) Note...The jacket you see is the Adidas Franz Beckenbauer jacket made by polodave if you want the best clothing for gta4 look up polodave you wont be disappointed :)