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New Cops for GTA4

by Custo


Category:Player Mods

Added:2011-08-10 13:14:20 -0700

Replaces:M_Y_Cop; M_Y_Cop_Traffic; pedgrp.dat; peds.ide; pedVariations.dat

Historic Rating:8/10

Historic Downloads:5,380

File Size:21.9 MB

Download Link:1330882358_new_copsfor_gta4v.3.rar

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---Changes From Version 2 (3/4/2012)--- --Contributions From Olanov-- -Added a sergeant skin for the LCPD officers. -Added six new head skins to all of the cops. --Contributions From Custo-- -Revised three of the six skins provided by Olanov. -Retextured the state trooper jacket. ---Changes From Version 1 (8/9/2011)--- -Increased the quality of the textures for the models, looks way better than before. -Added a pedVariation.dat to help the game keep the cops more randomized, since the model only has two shirt models. -Added instructions on how to add the mod on EFLC, for those not knowing how to. ---About This Mod--- This mod gives you the missing white head model for the LCPD officers, and gives you a new set of state troopers! ---About Backing Up Files--- Just as a note to you, any and all files that have been modified has been backed up in a folder just for you! Look in the backup folder, provided in this mod, for backup files. EXCEPT! For TLAD, I forgot to backup the m_y_cop_traffic model, so that's up to you if you want to back them up. ---Authors--- Custo(Runner335) Olanov