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New CJ House V.2

by billyaga

A GTA San Andreas Mod

Category:CLEO 3 Mods

Added:2010-12-02 22:31:49 -0800

Replaces:replace lae2.ipl

Historic Rating:6/10

Historic Downloads:14,276

File Size:1.91 MB

Download Link:1291357909_cj_house_newv.2.rar

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Created by: NJ Billy website : Facebook: NJ's Billy gta modder This is my first mod and Cleo. makes it only takes three days INSTALLATION ------------------------- its very easy to install 1. put FBI.cs, FBI2N.cs, and parkingcj.cs to your Cleo folder 2. LAe2.ipl replace you with mine 3. okay it was over live play =============== Do not wear that versi.1.0 delete it if there are and replace them with new ----------------------------- enjoy