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New Casual BmX'er

by Ryan Hutchison

A GTA San Andreas Mod

Category:Player Mods

Added:2013-03-11 15:56:42 -0700

Replaces:wmybmx.txd and wmybmx.dff

Historic Rating:10/10

Historic Downloads:3,594

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Download Link:1363042602_newskin2.rar


This is a V2 of the BmX'er that i did a while ago, this one has no band shirt as you can see due to a few problems with the textures. So new clothes as you can see in the photos (I'll include a black t shirt version asap) and a new head Which is Claude speeds. The original Face wasn't that good so i decided to look for a new head for him, which i did and i got permission from the guy who hacked the head to claim this model as my own, That of which i thank him for. Installation 1.Open IMG tool or whatever else you're using 2.Open "gta3.img" 3.Find "wmybmx.txd" and"wmybmx.dff" then right click on it, replace, the choose the file. 4.Replace, save, and go ingame. 5.Enjoy.. :D If you have any problems with the installation or perhaps want a requested model, Hit me up at my Email which is included and i'll see what i can do.