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Mini-Survival v1.1 Beta *NEW*

by SteveO


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Added:2013-08-16 23:24:24 -0700

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Credits Stephen Lanier (SteveO) Special Thanks: JulioNIB ( NEW STUFF IN V1.1 BETA -new kill-cam -better death effects -more enemies (8 max now) -random special vehicles (ambulance, etc) -money changes (the more kills or the harder you fight, the more you earn) -cops notice you by default now -custom controls config/ini -more in the readme Thanks for all the feeback! :) INFORMATION: This mod allows the player to spawn a random amount of enemies with random weapons. These enemies will then jump in a vehicle, and chase you down. When they get close nough to you, they jump out of the car, and will open fire, If you get away from them, they will jump back in the car, and continue to chase you down. You will randomly spawn between 1-6 enemies each time you call the script. You must kill all enemies spawned to get your reward. Enemies can be killed by cops, other civilians, or even themselves. When an enemy is killed, a custom 'kill-cam' will show the death to you. Notes: This is a BETA version. This means it most likely will crash or bug out. If you experience a bug with the kill-cams, or blips not disappearing, crashes, ect. send me a message at: [email protected] or leave a comment. You can also open the console, and type: 'reloadscripts' without the quotes if an error occurs. This mod was tested/created using so problems may occur on older versions, although everything should be compatible. Thanks for testing! This is compatible with our other mods. ENEMIES When you spawn enemies, you will encounter two different 'types.' The first is a male/female armed randomly with one of the following weapons: SMG, Deagle, M4, AK47, Uzi. These enemies will realisticly try to take you down. The other enemy you may encounter(more than one at once, actually), are called 'dukes.' These bad ass mothers are driving the default Dukes(charger), and are armed with a rocket launcher with a lot of ammo! To make things worse, they are smart, and will try to take you out from up to a block away! Keep in mind they can still blow themselves up, (and they do) but watch out for them while fighting with other enemies! All enemies, once killed, may or may not drop their weapons(if they didn't get a chance to pull out their weapon before death, for example) and you can pick it up for use against them. INSTALLATION: Extract and the Survival folder to your Grand Theft Auto 4 Scripts folder. (usually: C:Program Files/Rockstar Games/Grand Theft Auto IV/Scripts) *** YOU MUST HAVE A WORKING SCRIPTHOOK OR AN ASI LOADER TO USE THIS MOD! More Information: *** CONTROLS: Press F5 to spawn a random amount of enemies. Note: Type in 's_hardcore' into the console to toggle hardcore mode. In this mode, police will get involved in your business. By default, they leave you alone while the script is loaded. Thanks for all the comments, suggestions, ideas, and other feedback you guys have given us. This community is great. :)