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McLaren F1 GTR TT Black Revel

by Neflection

A GTA Vice City Mod

Category:Vehicle Mods

Added:2014-11-01 04:45:17 -0700


Historic Rating:10/10

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Download Link:1414842317_mc_f1_gtrtt3_vc.rar

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"McLaren F1 GTR TT Black Revel" for Grand Theft Auto III and Vice City. Orignal model from "Forza Motorsport 4". Convert,optimize,edited by "Neflection". "TT" is "Twin Turbo". Up to 850+bhp this car. -This mod overview- Total 155,039 polygons. (Incl damage model,dummys.) Official and custom car coloring. (Prim=Car body,Sec=Shift color) Full damage parts. High poly interior model. Mid poly engine model. Have 1 extra parts. (Rear spoiler.) Have fun.