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Mass Suicide

by LetsPlayOrDy


Category:Script Mods

Added:2015-03-13 18:38:03 -0700


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Have you ever wanted everyone to just kill themselves? Or are you a serial killer, but a lazy one? Well then this is for you! How to install is in the readme file. Controls: Press Right-CTRL + M to make everyone kill themselves. Changeable in the ini file: The controls. How much force to apply to the pedestrians. Credits: JulioNIB: for the original animation Megadeth1718: for the updated animation LetsPlayOrDy: for creating the script Bugs: Some peds don't want to be killed. Some peds will die with a generic death animation instead of flying. If you find a problem with the mod, besides ones that are already known, please report it to me before rating the mod low. Do not redistribute without my permission.