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Makarov player model

by Nobeus


Category:Player Mods

Added:2011-12-30 10:14:57 -0800

Replaces:Niko's head

Historic Rating:7/10

Historic Downloads:3,132

File Size:2.12 MB

Download Link:1325268897_makarov.rar


++++++++++++++++++++++ Makarov for GTA 4 ++++++++++++++++++++++ Converted & Rigged in GTA 4 by Nobeus Original models: Call of Duty MW2 Model features:normal map, specular map, support all Niko's clothes, except of one Russian hat. Model has beta facial animation, but it small bugs, so if you don't like it, you can use second version of head (w/o facial animation) which also included in archive. ATTENTION! Always make backup before installation of any mod! Installation: Using OpenIV you need to replace files in playerped.rpf archive with replacement of existing. Enjoy!:) И помните-Ни слова по русски!;) 2011 by Nobeus All original 3D models belong to their respective owners.