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Luxury house for Clockwork Mount

by CJ42700


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Added:2013-08-25 08:57:49 -0700


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You need the Simple Native Trainer to load objects. The car on the screen cannot be spawned automaticly. Sometimes, some peds can spawn on the chairs of the house. (Not scripted by me) 134 Objects ---------------------- INSTALLATION ---------------------- - Copy the object2.ini on your GTA IV/EFLC folder. - In the trainer (in-game), select OBJECT SPAWNING / MORE OBJECT MENU / LOAD OBJECTS FROM OBJECT2.INI - If you want to doors/garage doors can be open, in the trainer, go to OBJECT SPAWNING / EDIT SPECIFIC OBJECT and set OBJECT DYNACIC for objects: 41, 51 and 70. ---------------------- The map is compatible with "Stunt area for Clockwork Mount" Enjoy! =)