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Los Santos Police/Sheriff Speedo Transporter [ELS] [UV Mapped]

by ThatOneHick


Category:Vehicle Mods

Added:2014-05-28 18:39:09 -0700

Replaces:Police Stockade or Noose Stockade

Historic Rating:8/10

Historic Downloads:1,848

File Size:6.56 MB

Download Link:1434301526_los_santos_police_sheriff_speedo_transporter_elsuv_mapped.rar

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Overall model by: - "ThatOneHick", Textures by: - 'ThatOneHick", Origional model(s) by: - "Rockstar Games", Templated Vapid Speedo by: - "NicolaiB", GTA V Lightbar and Other Lights by: - "Yard1", This modification is to only be posted on "LCPD:FR", "GTA4-Mods" & "ThatOneHick's" blog site by "That One Hick"! Actions will be taken if another user uploads this modification anywhere! How to install: Use SparkIV or OpenIV and import model with any vehicle (mostly perferred the Police Stockade or Noose Stockade)! Please read the "readme.txt" file in the download for more information on data lines! Thanks for downloading! Please leave a rating:)