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LK-05 CQC Carbine Concept Rifle

by Likon , AlphaWolf


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Added:2013-06-03 20:54:53 -0700


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Credits - Likon creating 3D model , textures - AlphaWolf convert to GTA IV. Hi guys , this is my first one , hope you guys liked it. I want to thanks Likon alot for giving me permission to convert and post this awesome concept rifle model. This is his page on gamebanana: . If you guys liked it(or not) , please rate the mod on . Please give credits if you guys post it somewhere else , respect the one who did it. Need help to choose? You can choose between the 'non-attachment version' or the 'with attachment version'. The 'with attachment version' included: - LK-05 CQC Carbine - Vertical Grip - Silencer - LAM OR if you don't want any attachments , just choose the 'non-attachment version' Installion - Simply replace both file 'w_m4' in 'weapons.img' with SparkIV(weapons.img is located at c:/program files(x86)/rockstar games/grand theft auto iv/pc/models/cdimages) - Sounds: If you use "With Attachment Version" , Use SparkIV and go to 'pc -> audio -> Sfx , choose and open 'resident.rpf' , export 'WEAPONS.ivaud' , use 'Gtaivaud' and find "M4_SHOT1_L" , "M4_SHOT1_R" then right click on it and choose replace , replace them with those in 'Silencer Weapon Sound' folder then save and import back to 'resident.rpf' Contact: Likon: AlphaWolf: [email protected] for lastest mods: Please keep in mind that I do not take request to convert or anything. I just do what I like , so don't send me any request. Thank you for reading this. Updates log: - June 5th 2013 + Updated 'non vertical grip version and with only LAM version