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Liberty Law Agency Pack

by jelliott3691


Category:Player Mods

Added:2013-05-22 14:16:51 -0700

Replaces:m_y_cop, m_y_cop_traffic, m_y_strooper

Historic Rating:8/10

Historic Downloads:8,411

File Size:11.0 MB

Download Link:1369432027_enhanced_cops.rar


This pack replaces the street cops, traffic cops, and state troopers with enhanced models for better realism and more diversity in the variation. The 3 models are the same with different uniforms. Street cops wear black uniforms, troopers wear gray, and the traffic cops which are replaced by sheriff wear brown and tan. The model has more realistic faces with less facial hair since cops are required to shave all but mustache if desired. Every cop is wearing black gloves, and each agency/uniform has their own bullet vests and rain coats, also short sleeve shirts included. Street cop hat is a black ball cap with "police" on it, sheriff with a tan ball cap with "LCSO" and a sheriff badge logo, and the troopers wear a gray smokie hat. I hope you like them, I will take requests to do these models in other agencies if you want, I can do real police departments, and various generic agencies like FBI, DEA, ATF, whatever you might want these models with another uniform for. Also these models are meant to go with my "LCPD CVPI, Charger, and Tahoe Skins" pack which can be found at: Thanks :) UPDATE 5/24 Changed the Sheriff and State Police vest colors, Sheriff vests are now Coyote tan with MOLLE straps and State Police are now Olive Drab with MOLLE, I thought it looked better and adds more variety instead of only black vests.