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Liberty City License Plates (Old New York Based)

by Compeast


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Added:2013-06-09 09:09:43 -0700


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LC-PLATES BROUGHT TO YOU BY EXPRESSION GAMING MODEL DATA ================================= - NAME: Liberty City License Plates (Old New York Based) - VERSION: V1.0 Expression Gaming - LIGHTSYS: Default - OPTIMIZED FOR: vehicle_generic_detail2 - CREDITS: Compeast/Rockstar Games - MOD STATUS: CLOSED FEATURES - License Plate that will give your game the classic New York vibe with generic plates INSTALLATION Put the vehicle_generic_detail_spec.png, vehicle_generic_detail2.png and the vehicle_generic_detail2_normal.png into your vehshare.wtd located in your vehicles.img ADDITIONAL NOTES - Textures made by Rockstar Games - Modified to classic Liberty City plates by Compeast FILES INCLUDED - pic-(1) - vehicle_generic_detail_spec.png - vehicle_generic_detail2.png - vehicle_generic_detail2_normal.png - readme.txt Do not edit or redistribute without permission! DO NOT UPLOAD ON ANY OTHER SITE!