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Left 4 Liberty: Infection v5.1

by motorsport71


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Added:2012-09-28 09:45:28 -0700

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requirements: ****IF YOU ARE A NEW MODDER PLEASE READ UP ON MODDING BEFORE GIVING UP AND GIVING THIS MOD A LOW SCORE**** GTA IV version GTAIV .Net Script Hook v1.7.1.7 BETA (Or Newer) ASI Loader (I use dsound.dll OR Xliveless 0.999b7. BEFORE USING XLIVELESS READ UP ON IT.) Changes in v5.1 Added ability to change world pedestrian density in INI, one for "Zombies and Pedestrians" and another one for "Everybody's Becoming a Zombie". Changes in v5.0 Complete Rewrite... Includes: Pedestrian Events: Can be toggled on/off; allows groups of random civillians to spawn who may ignore / engage player while trying to stay alive themselves. Drivebye's will happen during Pedestrian events. Display Health and Armor: Brings up a Left Side HUD displaying players health and damage numerically. Display Infection Percentage: Activates and Brings up an Infection% meter on the left side. If a player is damaged by a zombie the counter will begin going up. Once it reaches 100%, the players health will go down until he reaches death. The player can constantly heal himself back up to pproximately 80% until he finds an ambulance to get the antivirus, which will heal him and cure the infection. Player Cannot get infected during zombie night mode. Vehicle Speed and Health: Brings up a Left Side HUD displaying the vehicle a player is occupying's health and speed in MPH. Enable Fuel System: Each vehicle the player uses will be randomly given an amount of fuel in the tank. The mod will remember that while the player is playing, and the vehicle can runout of gas. All gas stations are out so once the vehicle runs out it quits and that's that. A "Fuel Status" will be given on the Left side of the screen as a HUD. World Fires: Toggle on / off random fires that will show up around various world objects. Helicopter Attacks: Toggle on / off helicopters that will spawn and attack either you or zombies depending on which chopper you get. Disable Radar: Toggle on / radar , but leaves Weapon HUD alone. Search For Survivors: Toggle on / off to have random survivors spawn that will look for you to join your group. A maximum of 3 will show up. If one dies, another will look for you as long as you haven't added any additional survivors by spawning them. Spawn single survivor: Up to 7 supported. Randomized Weapons and appearances. Zombie Night: Rewritten, player will only run into few random pedestrians during the day who may be friendly / unfriendly. Fast Infected die very easily but keep coming quickly, slow infected are hard to kill and take mass damage in one shot. Infected in zombies at night also attack bodyguards in both fast / slow modes. Player immune to virus so infection meter won't display any infection if damaged. If going to use this mode I recommend using it first, it may error if you play other part for while before engaging this portion due to changeup of overall scripting. STILL IN SCRIPT: Survivor (bodyguard) invincibility Remove existing survivors(bodyguards) Randomize Weather Fast Forward time one hour Toggle Radio Toggle Breaking Down Cars REMOVED FROM SCRIPT: Cellphone being disabled - couldn't get it to comeback on and too many people having "issues" with that Changing Vehicle Density - Current script has increased vehicle density Changing Pedestrian Density - Script has a preset value for each Mode now Spawn N.O.O.S.E. Bodyguard Toggle Player N.O.O.S.E. Skin appearance Destruction of Traffic **************************** Now configure the Zombie Apocalypse... your way! Okay, here it is... Liberty city had been hit with an airborne virus that changed most people into zombies. It was the beginning of the end... The city is in panic. Vehicles are running lights, crashing, running over pedestrians and zombies alike. Pile ups are frequent as well as vehicle breakdowns, tire blowouts, even car bombs. Traffic laws... huh, no such thing. As you run down the streets it's not uncommon to see several "Slow" infected "limping" along with slightly faster "hunched over" ones coming up on them. There are also "Runners." Now it wouldn't be a true end of the world scenario without other armed civilians. Survivors, should you choose, can be called in. They'll have your back. And if you don't have a use for them anymore, tell them you don't need them. Other armed pedestrians are out there, so watch yourself... They may be in a car, on foot, in groups, or even a heli... And the question is who's side Will they be on? How LONG do you WANT to survive the Liberty Infection? **************************** CONTROLS BY DEFAULT: Toggle Script=F7 Toggle Zombie Night Script=F4 Toggle Breaking Down Cars=L Remove Existing Survivors=Y Search For Survivors=B Spawn Single Survivor=N Heal Player / Inspect Ambulance For Antivirus=O Toggle Zombie Animation=I //also toggles between 'running" infected and 'slow' infected during 'Zombies at Night' Toggle Running And Slow Zombies Animation=U Toggle Radio=T Fast Forward Time One Hour=J Disable RADAR=M Toggle Helicopter Attacks=H Randomize Weather=Insert Toggle Pedestrian Events=PAGEDOWN Toggle World Fires=PAGEUP Toggle Zombies With Peds Or All Zombies=Delete Enable Survivor Invinciblity=F8 Enable Fuel System=F9 Vehicle Speed And Health=F10 Display Infection Percentage=F11 Display Health and Armor Percentage=F12 ************************************************************************************************************************************* More troubleshooting: .net scripthook (or SCRIPTHOOKDOTNET by another name) Do you have ScriptHookDotNet and ScriptHook from this file: Do you have c++ 2000 redistributable installed? Get it here: Do you have .net framework 4 installed? Get it here: Then did you make a folder named "scripts" and place all of my .net and .ini files in it? Now, after the c++ 2000 redist and .net 4 framework are updated, restart your computer. Then place your asi loader, ScriptHookDotNet, Scripthook, and the folder named "scripts" that has the .net and ini files inside all in you main directory. When you get into the game again if you hit the tilde "~" you should get the green console. You should be good to go. If you don't, go here: