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Lamborghini Aventador TRON Edition [EPM] Updated

by YCA-AJAY (extrememodder191)


Category:Vehicle Mods

Added:2015-02-20 20:42:55 -0800

Replaces:Any 2-door Car

Historic Rating:9/10

Historic Downloads:9,669

File Size:9.17 MB

Download Link:1424759201_lp700_tron.rar

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Lamborghini Aventador TRON Edition [EPM] Update: Fixed wheels bug (Thanks Carry Thxd finding) Tutorial added how change TRON lights colour Original Model:Forza Horizon 2 Convert & Edited:YCA-AJAY (extrememodder191) Screenshot£ºYCA-AJAY,lagacy,GanjaHouse,martin_xpl,shortyops,seba NIMA:texture + EPM AIGE:Rendering + EPM fix Data£ºRoyal Predator Test:Big Bear,RE,Vsoreny,Peerless,69,GanjaHouse Thank£ºYSS323£¬Dr_CHANI. Detail credits inside rar MOD Feature: ---2 Handlings ---EPM Spoiler, vents ---HQ Overall detail ---L0, L1 available ---Random Parts Color£º ---Color1:Body ---Color2:Interior File Size£º ---Wft:5.30 MB ---Wtd:3.14 MB ---Readme.txt:2.52 KB ---template.jpg 321 KB This car support EPM. You need to download the latest EPM plug-ins. EPM1.5/1.6 Support You can share my mod everywhere as soon as you give author credits to me Join me to get updates [YCA Zmodeler Group]