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L.C. based on Seattle a 2 diiferent skin Pack 1.0 part 1

by K-9 police 9


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Added:2015-02-08 06:52:06 -0800

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L.C. based on Seattle a 2 diiferent skin Pack 1.0 part 1 more will come soon was not going for 100% total accuracy but mostly based off the department Skins are made by me model's are to their respective creator's / owner's may not edit or upload these skins any where else without permission from me 1st can edit for private use only * also the badge on black and white's if you wish to use please ask first was hand painted and hand edited over an hour of work on it *if you feel the need to edit ( if you are gonna rerelease ) or want to use on a model you are making please contact me first thnkz any questions feel free to contact me Skin was based off Seattle Police Department Car's only have a Liberty City Skin to them total of 6 car's with 2 different skins more will come later on * also the navy blue skin's were edited in color see caprice and FI Explorer pic's for the new color Hope you enjoy the skins Car's can be found at * keep link's to car's / car's as they will be used again in the future CJ24 2013 Dodge Charger & Chevrolet Tahoe https://www.lcpdfr.c...trol-pack-els7/ 2013 Ford Police Interceptor https://www.lcpdfr.c...epartment-els7/ KEVINDV 2013 Ford Explorer - V1.1L ELS ( no longer know where to find a DL link ) FORWARD Mini Chevrolet Caprice Pack https://www.lcpdfr.c...markedslicktop/ VOODOOBIE 2015 Chevy Tahoe PPV Marked http://www.gta4-mods...-ppv-tah-f30069