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Karin Sahara V.2

by Thundersmacker


Category:Vehicle Mods

Added:2012-09-07 21:56:56 -0700


Historic Rating:8/10

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Download Link:1347080216_karin_saharav2.rar


Info: All new update! Prepare for changes! Body has gotten a face-lift, all new HQ front and rear lights. Wheels are now in chrome! Plus all new details like working coil springs! Skins have been completely re-mapped in HD for easier/smoother skin creation/appearance. There is a template for the skins so anyone can make their own (which I HIGHLY encourage). WARNING! READ THIS! You must choose between HQ and LQ textures LQ= 1024 x 1024 skins (NO taxi bug) HQ= 2048 x 2048 (taxi bug) Since the skins have been re-mapped this means that the skins from v1 will not work with v2, don't worry I'm remaking all 4 skins from v1 in HD for v2 and will release in a separate pack. Also expect more skins from me to be released as-well. Credits: Body is a modified CORR Toyota Tundra from Codemasters "DiRT" Frame, Engine, Lights, and Interior are from stock cars by Rockstar Games Rims from the Hummer H1 Alpha mod by Cristinel Handling from the Rancher XL 3.0 by Twiztid ICP Bugs: The Camera can be a bit too close at certain camera views. Notes: This will be most likely the final version of this mod, unless there is a huge problem which needs to be fixed. Please let me know of any problems with the mod, it would be much appreciated. Legal: If you wish to share this on another site please ask me permission first, I haven't stressed this before but I am now.