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Added:2014-12-19 21:28:04 -0800

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**This is a totally separate mod from GTACr4zy's Juggernaut script** So... it's a mod that gives you the GTA V juggernaut suit and sets your armor to 1000... yeah... How to install is in the readme file. Controls: Right-CTRL + J = Put on/take off juggernaut suit Changeable in the ini file: The controls. How much armor you want. Whether to use the original GTA V textures for the suit, or custom Modern Warfare textures by DustKiller. Credits: ac.amir: for extracting the suit from GTA V. DustKiller: for the Modern Warfare retexture GTACr4zy: for the original script/idea GTacer12 & martijn400: for pics LetsPlayOrDy: for creating the script If you find a problem with the mod, please report it to me before rating the mod low. Do not redistribute without my permission.