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IV Hostages [.NET Hostage Mod]

by GTATerminal


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Added:2014-02-02 04:48:22 -0800


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GTATerminal's IV Hostages [.NET Hostage Mod] - Hostage Mod - Created by: GTATerminal ( Created in: C# .NET w/ ScriptHookDotNet Developed in GTA IV (Probably works on other versions) Features: You can now take pedestrians as hostages! Make them follow you or make them get down on their knees and beg for their life. Install: Put the 2 files ( & gTaTer_Hostage.ini) in your GTA IV > Scripts folder. When that is done, config the .ini file after your likings, then start the game, and take someone hostage. Settings: The script can be modified by changing the values in the gTaTer_Hostage.ini file. In the .ini file you can change what keys to press in order to take a hostage and maintain it, and how far away you can be to the pedestrian and be able to take him/her as a hostage. Requires: A working copy of GTA IV. (GTATerminal's IV Hostages is developed in, but works on other versions as well such as ( ScriptHookDotNet The Knowledge of How To Extract Files. A Smile! =) Credits: Thanks Carrythxd for making a video of the mod and taking pictures of it!