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Iron Man 3 Mark XVII Heartbreaker

by Quechus13


Category:Player Mods

Added:2013-04-30 14:26:32 -0700

Replaces:any ped.

Historic Rating:8/10

Historic Downloads:47,885

File Size:2.82 MB

Download Link:1367452004_iron_man3_heartbreakerby_quechus13_v4.rar

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***Iron Man 3 Heartbreaker Mark XVII By Quechus13*** FULLY COMPATIBLE WITH THE IRON MAN IV MOD! FILE UPDATED: BETTER NORMAL MAPS Instructions Peds: 1- Open Open IV and Open componentpeds.img 2- Replace the ped you want How to install Heartbreaker Menu Picture: You will need the Iron Man IV mod for this to work. Rename the PNG picture included to the desired mark armor to replace from the mod which should be in the Iron Man Files folder on your scripts folder. Now just replace the iron man armor included on this rar and you should be good to go. Enjoy!! You can make a video of my mods as long as you FULLY credit me in your video (credit on description and at the end of the video). Model: Gameloft, Marvel, Quechus13 (Edited a lot) Textures: Gameloft, Marvel, Quechus13 (Spec, Normal and Reflection Maps) Check out my YouTube Channel! Check out my Facebook and be sure to LIKE it for future mods!