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Improved Wanted level v1.1

by 5mith


Category:Script Mods

Added:2015-01-30 11:40:19 -0800


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This mod "activates" the police3(buffalo), police4(Stinger) and policeb(copbike), so they will be patrolling the streets of Liberty city and will hunt you down if you commit a crime. It does NOT REPLACE ANY EXISTING VEHICLE. The default police cars will still be around the streets, this just adds the three new law vehicles added in TBOGT to be usable by the cops. In this version(v1.1) the police stockade spawns too. CHANGELOG(v1.1) -Police Stockade added, it will spawn when you have 4 stars of wanted level. -Police bike will stop spawning when you have 4 stars because the police must raise their force and I believe it is a "weak" vehicle for combat. -Police buffalo and stinger still spawn with 4 or more stars. -Police patriot and N.O.O.S.E cruiser still spawn with 4 or more stars and they will have 3 men inside. -Some cops now have the IMI Desert Eagle. Have fun! If you find any bugs please tell me. The previous version is still available to download for those who don t want the new features. For the next version I will try to improve the 5 stars wanted level with more amount of FIB buffalos and maybe the Brickade and APC.