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Hundreds of Metal Shirts for CJ V3

by Triangulum

A GTA San Andreas Mod

Category:Player Mods

Added:2011-12-23 13:24:35 -0800

Replaces:denimfade.txd, tshirt2horiz.txd, tshirtbase5.txd, tshirtblunts.txd, tshirtbobomonk.txd, tshirtbobored.txd, tshirterisorn.txd, tshirterisyell.txd, tshirtheatwht.txd, tshirtilovels.txd, tshirtlocgrey.txd, tshirtmaddgrey.txd, tshirtmaddgrn.txd, tshirtproblk.txd, tshirtprored.txd, tshirtsuburb.txd, tshirtwhite.txd, tshirtzipcrm.txd, tshirtzipgry.txd

Historic Rating:9/10

Historic Downloads:2,643

File Size:6.47 MB

Download Link:1328060310_gtasa_metal_shirts_release3.rar


New in this release: 45 new shirts including 7 new Death, 3 new Iron Maiden, 3 new Slayer, 2 new Mayhem, 1 new Meshuggah + more. This mod replaces all t-shirts in the game with various metal and punk/crust punk band shirts. Notable bands as well as lesser-known bands from almost every major sub-genre (death, thrash, black, doom, power, sludge, progressive, heavy/traditional, etc.) are included. Included are 18 shirt replacements, 1 jean jacket replacement (made into a battle jacket w/ patches), and 144 extra shirts in PNG format ready to be imported into TXD files (162 shirts total+1 jacket). All 162 t-shirts also come in sleveless versions, making the total number of shirts in this pack 324. It also comes with a blank template for you to make your own shirts. I AM taking requests for custom shirts if you don't want to/can't make your own and couldn't find your favorite metal/punk band or artwork in this shirt pack. Just send me an email or private message with a request and I'll send the PNG file back or a link to it (However I can't give any guarantees about how fast I can reply). REMEMBER TO EXTRACT/SAVE YOUR OLD TSHIRT FILES AS BACKUPS BEFORE REPLACING WITH THE NEW ONES! Read the README for more info.