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Human Skeleton

by Nobeus


Category:Player Mods

Added:2014-11-07 11:18:44 -0800

Replaces:Any pedestrian

Historic Rating:9/10

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Download Link:1415387924_skeleton.rar


Game: GTA 4 Mod Name: Skeleton Version: 0.9 Author: Nobeus Description: This is a full conversion of human skeleton from "Sniper Elite V2". Model is using all features of the GTA 4 engine: has normal and specular maps, adjusted skeleton. Model has three variants: with guts, lungs or with the eyeballs, jaw and eyes are animated. Installation: You will need to use OpenIV-open componentpeds.img and replace all 3 files in this archive: wtd, wdd, wft . Always make a backup before installation of any mods! All models are belong to their authors.