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HK USP Compact (100% Authentic)

by maukro_1990


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Added:2015-01-07 07:36:15 -0800

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!!!FIRST: If you downloaded my first version of this gun, please delete it because it was very outdated. THIS mod is my newest, totally update HK USP Compact ;)!!! This is my very detailed, fully updated model of the famous Heckler & Koch USP Compact. I spent alot of time to creating a nearly 100% realistic and authentic model of this Pistol. You´ll get the 1:1 scale of the real gun, converted for GTA IV and EFLC. It´s possible that you find this gun a little bit to small in game but believe me: The scale and the alignment is very realistic!!! Most of the GTA 4 Weapon mods are to big or to small, if you look at the real guns in reality. !!!NOTE: The Bottom of the magazine is realistic, even it has not the characteristic magazine bottom. That´s because the first magazine, which comes with this HK when you buy it, has the same flat bottom. It´s not a bug!!! Some facts about this pistol: The HK USP Compact is one of the most famous police service guns. Some german states got this gun for the police for example (HK P10 is the german police version of the hk USP Compact!). You can get this pistol in 9mm (13 Rounds), 40S&W (12 Rounds) and .45ACP (8 Rounds).