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Hitman Absolution Pack

by ac.amir


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Added:2012-11-30 07:23:57 -0800


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Hello everyone "Hitman Absolution Pack"by ac.amir i will make more models from Absolution very soon. 1-hitman v 1(Default) 2-hitman v 2 3-sniper rifle Head is Compatible with other clothes and you can remove all accessories. **Unfortunately Pc version of GTA V not confirmed yet and Some fans started an online petition. I'm asking you to sign this Petition.I'm interested to continue gta iv and gta v modding Sign Up Now share this link with your friends. check my new mods Max Payne 3 Pack(beach max) Counter-Strike Global Offensive Anarchists Battlefield 3 Pack Cristiano Ronaldo Mafia Tommy Angelo James Bond Pierce Brosnan The Expendables 2 Pack Left 4 Dead Boomer ................