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High-Res Dirt Texture (2k)

by Gethema


Category:Vehicle Textures

Added:2015-05-01 18:11:42 -0700

Historic Rating:8/10

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File Size:1.5 MB

Download Link:1430529102_high_res_dirt_texture.7z


Inspired by AIGE's great HD Dirt Texture I attempted to make a custom high resolution dirt texture that fits modded and standard cars alike. The base texture is composed of various royalty-free dust and dirt textures found on the net, which have been altered, (de-)colorized and aligned using to better fit the generic dirt layout. This mod comes in 3 variations: ----------------------------------------- Low Quality - 512x512 - dds file size 256kb (uncompressed) Mid Quality - 1024x1024 - 1MB High Quality - 2048x2048 - 4MB ----------------------------------------- The Low Quality option is the same res as GTA's default dirt texture, so it should also not be more demanding than that. The Mid and especially the High Quality variants however can be more taxing when it comes to VRAM usage, despite not noticing any impact at least on my system (GTX 670, 3840x2160) using High Quality texures. The best results can obviously be achieved using highest quality (2k) textures, while Mid quality still provides a decent improvement over the default one. The Low Quality option is intended to work merely as a texture replacement for low perfomance systems. If you encounter any bugs, please let me know. Have fun & get dirty! ;)