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High ENB For Low-end PC

by Vickybrouwer

A GTA San Andreas Mod


Added:2011-05-27 22:59:29 -0700

Historic Rating:8/10

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Download Link:1306562369_high_en_bfor_lowend_pc.rar

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High ENB For Low-End PC -------------------------------- NEW! +Perfect Shadow +Perfect Lighting +Perfect DOF +Perfect Car Reflection +Perfect Color Correction +Without Road/Building Reflection +Without Press Shift+F12 +No much to eat your FPS, Normaly like "15-25" FPS +Enable Effect.txt from gta iv and edited by me, special for Normal & High-end PC +Add Real Timecyc edited by me +Auto DOF on Timecyc special for Low-end PC BUG: -No Water Deepness --------------------------------- SYSTEM REQUEIRMENT -Processor : intel dual core 1,5 ghz or greater -VGA : 128mb or greater -RAM : 1GB or greater --------------------------------- INSTALATION -Extract All to your GTA SA directories -Play! ;D I HAVE FINISH TO DELETE ROAD/BUILDING REFLECTION AND RUNING WITHOUT D3D9_40.DLL Vicky