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Handheld Teleport Device Script



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Added:2009-01-21 18:23:10 -0800

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This is what you've all been waiting for, a teleport script. This script is unique and allows you to add locations and even remove the selected location from the collection. Alternately, for easier removal, you can clear the entire collection with only 1 keypress. You can cycle through each of the items forward or in reverse, update the selected location with your current location, and warp to the selected location. It's all thanks to HazardX and his .NET ScriptHook, without it this wouldn't be possible.<br><br><br> NEW in v1.1:<br><br> - Fixed the issue of the teleport function placing you in the water/underground.<br> - Added a confirmation message to the update location hotkey.<br> - Street name is now displayed after teleporting to a location.<br><br> NEW in v1.2:<br><br> - Added fade in and out when teleporting to a location.<br> - Added enviornmental loading when teleporting to a location.<br> - Fixed some other small things.<br><br> NEW in v1.3:<br><br> - Updated to work with the new scripthook version.<br> - Improved all loading functions.<br><br> NEW in v1.4:<br><br> - Added various console commands to simplify script usage.<br><br> NEW in v1.5:<br><br> - Updated to work with the latest scripthook version.<br> - Added a new console command to save the settings, keys used.<br><br> NEW in v1.6:<br><br> - Updated to work with new game version and scripthook.<br> - Added a feature to teleport you to your last vehicle and vice versa.<br> - Added a feature to teleport you to the selected waypoint on the map.<br> - Added a feature to teleport all peds/cars around Niko.<br>