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GTA V The Famillies

by Unknown Modder

A GTA San Andreas Mod

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Added:2014-01-19 20:38:36 -0800

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=================== GTA V The Famillies =================== The Famillies are back in GTA V, I usally add all 5 on their group so to do this, You gonna need to add FAM4 and FAM5 in the ped.ide and pedgrp.dat, but one problem is spawning into Cutscene FAM4 and FAM5, You gonna have to find and open cutscene.img and look and re -place the old into new GTA V Famillies. First things 1st 1. Replace FAM1, FAM2, and FAM3. 2. Add FAM4, and FAM5 too, Don't forget to add them to the cutscene.img 3. Copy the lines below and add them to the ped.ide Remember, don't forget put them in the #---ADD NEW PEDS HERE #---ADD NEW PEDS HERE 265, FAM4, FAM4, GANG2, STAT_GANG2, gang1, 110F,1, null,5,5,PED_TYPE_GANG,VOICE_GNG_FAM4 ,VOICE_GNG_FAM3 266, FAM5, FAM5, GANG2, STAT_GANG2, gang1, 110F,1, null,5,5,PED_TYPE_GANG,VOICE_GNG_FAM3 ,VOICE_GNG_FAM4 #---END OF NEW PEDS 4. for the pedgrp.dat, put them in the # Gang 2 (THE FAMILIES - PLAYER GANG - AKA GROVE). And it look like this: FAM1, FAM2, FAM3, FAM4, FAM5 # Gang 2 (THE FAMILIES - PLAYER GANG - AKA GROVE) 5.It is not done yet, you forgot the cargrp.dat and change it to: bmx, buccanee, manana, emperor # Gang 2 (FAMILIES - PLAYER - BLACK) 6. But another thing, The Famillies have Micro-UZI, Pistol and Knife in the game and they stand around in Strawberry, Because Last time in 1993, They take over Ganton but now its all because of the Ballas taken over in 2013, They are no longer Recovered Grove Street as a turf, But please put the .cs files into your CLEO Folder 7. All done Made in Phils By the Unknown Modder