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GTA V Progen T20

by A Chinesegtaer


Category:Vehicle Mods

Added:2015-08-26 01:09:00 -0700

Historic Rating:9/10

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Download Link:1440576540_gtav_progen_t20.7z


GTA V DLC Car : Progen T20 --------------------------------------------- This is my FIRST car conversion , maybe not very good like others' cars . --------------------------------------------- Model from:SA MOD in gtainside by Automan Converted by:A Chinesegtaer (I have got SA author's permission to convert) Rendered:A Chinesegtaer Datas and Test:A Chinesegtaer Model credit by Rockstar Games Help and Thank:AIGE Color: ---1 Body ---3 Specular Color Replaces:Any car with 2 doors with right datas replacing. This car is from SA MOD in , I got SA author's permission to convert to IV. [Known Faults] The Rear Spoiler can't open . Niko's hands Not on the sterringwheel .