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GTA V Beta Weapons from the Trailer

by Unknown Modder

A GTA San Andreas Mod

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Added:2014-05-16 23:16:20 -0700

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=================================== GTA V Beta Weapons from the Trailer =================================== Hi Guys I am back from my free time vacation to Beach, You see I got the recent mods from here to upload it But this time, it will be from the Posters who wields beta weapons. This Mod is made from Midway, The Next Stop, It will be the De Santa Family, The Lost and The Marabunta Grande Weapons ======= Advanced Rifle - Michael wields an dark green Tint TAVOR TAR-21 during one beta mission: But it didn't usally appeared ingame, While tracking down the Helicopter. AK47 - Michael Appeared as a bank robber with an alternative clothes and a gas mask, Who wields a Modified AK47. Assault Rifle - Michael own this Assault Rifle, But then in the final version, t replaced by its combination, The HK416 and the LR-300. Glock - Franklin owned this glock, But then in the final version, it replaced by its newly modelled Beretta 92, The Tauros PT92. Micro SMG - Trevor's specialty, But apperantly from the looks of it, Its was base off Micro UZI from GTA III, GTA San Andreas and GTA IV with a black tint. Pump Up Shotgun - During the Gang War, Franklin sweep anyone in his way, With some simmilarities of that other Shotgun from the Final Version. ============ Installation ============ Download Spark or IMGTool Replace GTA3.IMG Rebuild Play Made in Phils By The Unknown Modder