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GTA Series Characters Pack (Beta)

by Nobeus


Category:Player Mods

Added:2012-02-27 08:19:06 -0800

Replaces:Any peds

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++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ GTA Series Characters Beta ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Original models: Rockstar Games Grand Theft Auto Series Pack contain all GTA characters from 3D GTA games(GTA 3,Vice City, San Andreas, Vice City Stories and Liberty City Stories) i.e. - Claude(GTA 3 Character), Tommy Vercetti(Vice City), Carl Jonhson(San Andreas), Liberty City Stories(Toni Cipriani), Vic Vance(Vice City Stories). Features of Pack: -Tommy has original rigging from Vice City, also has moving jaw and eyebrows -Toni has moving eyes, jaw and eyebrows -Vic has moving jaw and eyebrows -Claude has moving jaw and eyebrows -CJ has moving jaw and eyebrows -All models has specular maps, so they will not shine like rubbed with oil -Vic and Toni already has so small polygons in original PS 2 model Default replacements: Claude-Jason Tommy-Eddie Low Toni-Roman Vic Vance-Dwayne CJ-Playboy X This is Beta version, so it may have some small bugs Rigged and converted in GTA 4 by Nobeus ATTENTION! Always make backup before installation of any mod! Installation: Use OpenIV for replace files in componentpeds.img archive with replacement of existing. Enjoy!:) 2012 by Nobeus All original 3D models belong to their respective owners.