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GTA San Andreas Naruto Names v2

by Naruto 607

A GTA San Andreas Mod

Category:Miscellaneous Mods

Added:2012-11-10 01:30:30 -0800


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GTA San Andreas Naruto Names v2 by Naruto 607 In this v2 of the mod, there are few changes: 1. Default Weapon Names are changed into realistic one (when you buy some guns in Ammu-Nation). Here’s the weapon list: a. 9mm  Colt M1911 b. Silenced 9mm  Silenced Colt M1911 c. Desert Eagle  Desert Eagle (no changes) d. Tec9  Tec9 (no changes) e. Micro SMG  Micro Uzi f. Shotgun  Remington M870 g. Sawnoff Shotgun  Lupara h. Combat Shotgun  SPAS-12 i. SMG  H&K MP5 j. AK47  AK-47 (added dash between AK and 47) k. M4  Colt M4A1 l. Rifle  Hunting Rifle m. Sniper Rifle  M40A1 n. Body Armor  Body Armor (no changes) o. M67A1 Hand Grenade  M61A1 Hand Grenade p. C4 Satchel Charge  C4 Satchel Charge (no changes) 2. When in Pause Menu, all legend marking main character names (when you choose the Map with Legend on) are set in Naruto names (if you have X GXT Editor, find the “LG_” with Find function by searching on its item’s name). 3. Another speaking bugs fixing and added character roles: a. Ino Yamanaka as Denise Robinson and/or Suzie b. Neji Hyuga as Andre (typically optional one) 4. Tweak on Stats (especially on weapons due to number 1 changes) and more detailed help in “Are you going to San Fierro?” mission just like in GTA IV. Experience the greater Naruto Uzumaki venturing the world from Los Santos to San Fierro and to Las Venturas.