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GTA-SA Mega Bridge Mod

by hitler_12

A GTA San Andreas Mod

Category:Map Mods

Added:2015-08-02 08:29:26 -0700

Replaces:map folder

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Download Link:1438529366_gtasa_mega_bridgemod.rar

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GTA-SA Mega Bridge mod:- --------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------- Description: -------------------- hi friends this is my first map mod. I maked this mod in 1 month and some days. i developed mega bridge (it`s means this bridge cover whole GTA-sa and you will reach any city,country very easily. i started this bridge near Los santos airport. this bridge any problem you can edit bridge with Med {map editor} . Note:- Do not upload this mod any website without my permission. {thanks for download} useable tools: ------------------ i am use map editor tools for making this mod Install: ------------------ put and replace map folder in your {C:/Program files/Rockstar Game/Gta-San Andreas/Data} with my map folder Run game and Enjoy.............. Username and E-mail Address: ----------------------------------------- username: Hitler_12 E-mail: [email protected]