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GTA III Color Radar 1.1

by masked_marauder


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Added:2011-01-13 02:46:46 -0800

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This mod adds semi-transparent color to the radar. The color scheme is: BLUE: Water. GREEN: Grass and Rocks. YELLOW: Beaches. DARK GREY: Streets, Roads, Avenues, & Highways. LIGHT GREY: Parking Lots, Narrow Alleyways, Dead Ends, & Seawalls. TAN: Dirt Paths. BROWN: Buildings,Walls, & Similar Structures. RED: Tunnels. BLACK: Unknown or Inaccessible but mapped by default. Useful things that were never mapped by the game developers were added. These include all tunnels, arrows for one way streets, water hazards, small alleys, shortcuts, and some other odds and ends. There will always be more detail to add for future versions. INSTALLATION: Store backup copies of the archives 'gta3.img' and 'txd.img'. The game uses identical TXD files in the two separate archives. Most likely the game renders textures from both of them so you should probably modify each one. Use an IMG archive editor like IMG Tool to replace the files in the IMG archives with the ones included with this mod. BUGS/ISSUES: There should be no bugs or glitches with this mod if all of the files are replaced correctly; and if I have not mixed up any images by mistake. I acknowledge that I have not checked the color scheme against all of the various colored target/destination markers, but hopefully there will not be any issues. Please send a PM or an email if you discover any problems. USAGE: Please do not retexture or redistribute any files from this mod without asking. CONTACT/FEEDBACK/SUGGESTIONS: [email protected]