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GTA EFLC Map Updates to GTA IV

by mfrizki99


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GTA EFLC Map Updates to GTA IV BETA 1 Released BETA 2 Released BETA 1 (Complete Map for EFLC) Coming soon This mod will update the map for GTA IV. Note that work is still in progress and I still got to port many things over. Note that this is the only spot that you can download the mod. PROGRESS WITH THE MAP -Ratterdam tower lights DONE -Ratterdam tower observation deck rule signs (EX: No Smoking) DONE -Ladders on Ratterdam tower DONE -The Bulding in China town DONE -Heli tours parking (with cars spawning) DONE -Lost Club House DONE -Me TV Bilding DONE -Golf Course DONE -Computer Screens at Inernet Caffe DONE -AOD Club House DONE -Ratterdam Tower sign DONE -Remove fence at Lost Club house DONE -Remove water towers on top of Raterdam Tower DONE -Lower parking space lines at helitours DONE -Brian's/Johnnys safe house DONE -Luis safe house DONE -Intereiors (I had to port the IDE's to the file for the area where that intereior is) DONE -Massonet9 DONE -Bahama Mamas DONE -Herculease DONE -Cut scene intereiors DONE -Doors DONE -Parking spots at the boat dock DONE -Configure wpl files so the texture bugs can be fixed ALMOST DONE (only one left is bronx_w2.wpl. This one seems to be missing alot of stuff after converting the wpl) ?-Security Cameras at Alderny State Penitentry (Prison) WIP (I may not need to do this one because TLAD may just spawn them vea SCO. They arnt there in TBOGT) -Confugure map to work on the DLC's WIP (Both DLC from Windows Live and EFLC. With this Id like DLC and EFLC users to have only one map to worry about when it comes to map modding). -Fix Bowling ally bug WIP -Fix bildings that were destroyed not being destroyed bug WIP ?-Configure the game so Brucies apartment from IV and the Brucies apartment from TBOGT both spawn WIP (I may not have to do this one because the intereior may work with IV and TBOGT but they both have different lighting so Im not 100% on this one) MISC -Updated characters (Johnny, Luis, Gay Tony, ect) ALMOST DONE (Just need a cutscene model for Luis, and ingame and cutscene modles of Toni Prince dressed the way he was in the mission in TBOGT where you get Gracie back. The TBOGT one looks different than the IV one). -Combined TV shows (Combining Original GTA IV TV with TLAD TV, TBOGT TV, and EFLC exclusive TV) (may not be in first release) WIP IF AND WHEN POSSABLE -Combined Radio Stations (IV radio, DLC radio updates (Comes with the offical DLC), and EFLC radio all in one) (Not intil later on and may not even happen) -Height Limmit for Helicopters the same height as it is in TBOGT but in all 3 games (IV, TLAD, and TBOGT) (If this is done then it will be optional). WHAT IS UPDATED Alderny is fully updated. Algonquin is fully updated. Broker, Dukes and Bohan are fully updated gameplay wise. bronxw2.wpl, and brook_n are the two files that need fixing. Also I may make a compatibility patch for this so the DLC's will use these map files so you can use mods like WTC or Vice IV on the DLC. Note that this is WIP so I have to do some stuff to get everything working properly. This is a direct port from EFLC. This will be so EFLC users can have an updated map in TLAD also and so map modders will be able to easly make their mods compatible with this rather than normal EFLC where you have 3 different maps you have to make your custom map work on. Credits Rockstar Games -Modles -Cordenets in IDE's, IPL's, and WPL's -GTA IV -GTA EFLC -TLAD -TBOGT n kjellman (Project Leader) -Map Porting from EFLC to IV (IMG, WPL, and IDE) Credits for the tools used: (Author-A-Z) Open IV team- GooD-NTS, Acoustik, Alexander Blade, KoTnn, listener, Seemann, and every one who helped and inspierd the Open IV team Spark IV team- Aru, DerPlaya78, Mike (mikechml), listener, REspawn, Seeman, steve-m Placement Tool- Dageron, Chipsman, GooD-NTS, Seemann Placement Editer- Chipsman, Dageron, GooD, Seemann And all of the people who incuriged me into keeping up my work If you want to help let me know vea PM or post here. Id gladly welcome it. Issues with porting/merging For any and every contributations or assists I will give you credit for. For those intrested in helping here is what is needed.The Files/bugs that need fixing: Realy need help with these! *brook_n- I need help configuring this so I can have both the IV Brucie apartment working for GTA IV and the TBOGT Brucie apartment working for TBOGT. *bronx_w2- I need help geting the texture bugs fixed. There are many objects where the lods are visable because many of the detaild objects for up close veiwing are not loading. *I need help getting this to work with the DLC's. (TLAD and TBOGT) I need the DLC's reading off the same files GTA IV reads off of. AKA the files that come with this mod. I need it working with both EFLC and Games for Windows Live downloaded versions of the DLC's. *I need help with geting the bildings that were destroyed during the campain to get destroyed at the right time. (including GTA IV bildings/objects, TLAD bildings/objects, and TBOGT bildings and objects at the right time in each game) *I need help with fixing the bowling ally bugs so the music playes properly, the pins are visable, the machene that moves the pins is visable, and the score bord is visable)For anyone who helps me fix these files will recive credit. These files are delaying the final compleate release. I will release the next beta soon that has the mods files but in a seprite folder has the files that are WIP so people can help me fix them and so they are on the same page as me. Anyone who helps will get this mod closer to the near completion. Its aready very close. :) its not mine, im only share it.