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GTA 4 Water for San Andreas


A GTA San Andreas Mod

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Added:2013-01-15 05:00:11 -0800

Replaces:Original water

Historic Rating:7/10

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File Size:2.36 MB

Download Link:1358255606_iv_water.rar


Ultra GAMER Hud X3 and SIDEWINDER Speedometer: [////] GTA IV WATER [////] YourSHADOW ENB Files : [DOWNLOAD REQUIRED] >>> Medium End ENB [TWEAKED] >>> >>> High End ENB [TWEAKED] >>> >>> Original ENB from ENBDEV.COM >>> This Mod Replaces your GTA SA Water with All New Stunning GTA IV Water <<< Installation: >>> Besure you have downloaded any one of those ENB's [Required] >>> This Mod works with Other ENB's too but not sure if it works perfectly or not. >>> Replace Particle.txd in Models Folder in San Andreas root folder >>> Advanced users can replace WATERWAKE and WATERCLEAR256 files in Particle.txd folder with TXD Workshop >>> Now Copy the ENB files you downloaded and paste it to GTA San Andreas Root Folder. >>> Ensure you have No ENB Installed and Ensure you have no old ENB files left while Installing my ENB >>> And done your San Andreas got a New Water from GTA IV ^_^ Important Note : >>> No! You are not allowed to Re-Distribute this mod. >>> Yes! You can Edit Settings for Personal Use