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GTA 4 Save Editor v0.0.5

by UltraGTA4Modder

A GTA Vice City Mod


Added:2015-04-08 15:50:10 -0700

Replaces:Your save file.

Historic Rating:1/10

Historic Downloads:1,417

File Size:1.11 MB



This is an awesome save editor, you can give yourself a shit ton of money, unlimited ammo, godmode,etc, remove wanted levels, set wanted levels,etc change player model, and alot more. spawn every vehicles, props, complete all missions,etc, Basically you can change everything in your entire gta 4 save file: Virustotal scans: [ZIP SCAN] [MAIN EXECUTABLE SCAN] (One false positive, but that's too be expected as it changes/edits/modifies gta 4 files.