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Full beard style

by mekane

A GTA San Andreas Mod

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Added:2013-12-05 12:04:49 -0800


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******************************* *Full beard by mekane * ******************************* thanks for downloading my mod how to install : open a the map Files Then open TXD workshop or download it ten open player.img and serach for player_face.txd and replace it whit my player_face.txd ten save txdworkshop and open gta san andereas. now test if it works. Where to buy : go to the barber en select de Cesar Haircut. doesnt works ? PB on the site. 2reasons why it not works : you have v2.0 you replaced the wrong file. *Newsletter* If you publish the mod please add my name in the download information and don't edit this readme. thankyou very much for downloading Enjoy !