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Fixed Vehicles Badges Pack

by bundi2408


Category:Vehicle Textures

Added:2015-02-11 04:21:22 -0800


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Do you ever get annoyed when R* screwed up their badging on their car? Do you wish to to change those "Vapid" badge in Minivan into "Bravado" because you know that real-life Ford never made a Caravan? Then this mod is for you. TL;DR, these mod replace some mismatched vehicle badges with their correct manufacturer counterpart in real life. These include: - Replace "Imponte" badging in Dukes with "Bravado" - Replace "Vapid" badging in Minivan with "Bravado" - Replace "Vapid" badging in Speedo with "Declasse" - Replace "Vapid" badging in Bobcat with "Declasse" - Replace "Bravado" badging in Feroci with "Annis" - Replace "Karin" badging in Intruder with "Fathom" - Replace "Vapid" badging in Huntley Sport with "Gallivanter" (credits to PhillBellc for giving me the base for this badge) BONUS - Replace IV Grotti and Annis badging in Turismo and Pinnacle (respectively) with V counterpart - Fixed "Emporer" spelling in Lokus badges CREDITS: - R* for the game and texture - PhillBellic for the idea to publish this and the base for the Huntley Sport badge - Me for editing - You for downloading Known Bugs: - The rear "Grotti" badge in Turismo is inverted because the rear badge is mirrored from the front one.