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Ferrari 599 GTO Fix No.1

by JETI150


Category:Vehicle Mods

Added:2014-08-09 07:10:29 -0700


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Ferrari 599 GTO AutoVista by Jeti150 OriginalModel: Forza Motorsport 4 (Autovista) All Rights Reserved Textures: Orignal, Mixed Please use the HANDLING and Vehicles.ide! Ferrari 599 GTO Updateprogress: +Interior Mapped +break bumpmap fixed +numplates added +template added +Gauges have light +PaintJob Support added +Cols edited to fit the car +taillights colored red, and added clearglass +Dirtmapping added: edit the dirt_gto via the template! Still needs things to be worked on like: -Rearlights -indicators -dirtmapping on other parts Just tell me about other bugs and wishes (i still work on it its not the finished product), and it were cool if you create Paintjobs via the template wish to see some cool stuff :)