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Ferrari 458 GT2 public v1.0

by twattyballs2011


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Added:2014-11-04 19:23:34 -0800


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MODEL:: Kunos Simulazioni CONVERSION:: ToneBee [DTD] MADE IN CONJUNCTION WITH GTA4RMT livery group. INCLUDING X1 LIVERY OF THEIRS :) car features fully detailed race cockpit, alternate rear wheels with no bugs, EPM adjustable rear wing (as extra!) custom car colours in use for body and wheels, ALL THE DATA IS PROVIDED.. USE IT! i am aware the headlights do not yet function correctly, this will be fixed soon. TEMPLATE INCLUDED screenshots were made by numerous people and enb sources vary - all screens are from PRIVATE enb config. thanks to Aveeux, AZR, Felix, Seba Stiano, and everybody else, i forgot most i think,, im sorry. but still thank you all the guys and girl who made screens :D image removed to please crybabies