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Federal Police NRG-P ELS V7

by MrScheckske


Category:Vehicle Mods

Added:2013-05-29 11:57:37 -0700


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Download Link:1369853857_federal_police_nrgpelsv7_mrscheckske.rar

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- NAME: Federal Police NRG-P - VERSION: v1.3 - LIGHT BAR: Federal Signal Vama LP400 - EXTRA PARTS: N/A - MULTIPLE LIVERIES: N/A - OPTIMIZED FOR: Policeb - CREDITS: MrScheckske (see Additional Notes) - SKIN BY: MrScheckske ADDITIONAL NOTES - Read README - Vehicle is ELS enabled - Vehicle is EFLC compatible - Template included in file - ELS V7 config included Model is released open source to encourage further modifications. CREDITS - Original NRG by R* Games extensively modified and updated to its current form by MrScheckske - Fed Sig Vama LP400, LD400 and Microled by MrScheckske - UV maps by MrScheckske Included FIles: - Modification Files: policeb.wft; policeb.wtd - template + window template - 2 Images - Readme