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FDNY Fire Trucks

by OviaZ


Category:Vehicle Textures

Added:2013-09-16 06:05:58 -0700


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Hey there :) This mod add a new FireTrucks F.D.N.Y. to your game! ! Thx to Lt.Caine for the model ! (compatible with E.L.S.) Don't forget to make a back up of your files!! INSTALLATION : 1) Open SPARKIV 2) Go to your GTA 4 directory, open the folder : Grand Theft Auto IV/pc/models/cdimages/vehicles 3) Open vehicules with SPARKIV 4) Click on "Import" and import the new textures of firetruk.wft and firetruk.wtd 5) Click on "rebuilt" and "Save" 6) Open the vehicles.ide file in your Grand Theft Auto IVcommondata folder, find the line "firetruk", and at the end of that line add "+livery". 7) Enjoy it !! ==== MODEL made by Lt.Caine ==== Thanks to him! ==== SKIN made by OviaZ ==== Thx for your download and have fun :)