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European License Plates for Thundersmacker's JB700 and Pigalle

by bundi2408


Category:Vehicle Textures

Added:2015-06-11 05:00:04 -0700

Replaces:some textures

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Download Link:1434024004_eu_license_platesfor_euro_cars.rar


This is a very simple mod with clear purpose: to replace the vanilla license plate texture from Thundersmacker's JB700 and Pigalle with more realistic numbering and replace the "Dewbauchee" and "Lampadati" plate marker with realistic EU marker ("GB" for JB700 and "F" for Pigalle). CREDITS: - Thundersmacker for the car mod ( - Me for editing - You for downloading Known Bugs: - The rear plate on JB700 is white instead of yellow (like all cars in Great Britain) due to the shared mapping with the front plate.